Global Development & Research Initiative Foundation (GDRI) is a non-profit research organization registered with the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms in Bangladesh. We conduct development research on issues related to gender, education, health, poverty, agriculture, food security, climate change and disaster in Bangladesh. We specialize in conducting surveys and field experiments to objectively evaluate different projects and programs and understand issues of public policy interest in Bangladesh. We build on strong team of international researchers who are interested to understand about socio-economic development in Bangladesh.

The initial focus on the vast majesty on the field work is in the south eastern part of Bangladesh. We collaborate with other NGOs in the country to work in areas with mutual interests and expertise. We believe research-led development agenda, and promoting evidence-based solution. We offer training and supports for researchers interested in economic development, field experiments and complex survey designs. We particularly welcome young and early career researchers to work with us.

GDRI is a Non-Profitable, Non-Political, Non-Government, Voluntary & Charitable Society. All the objects are implemented after obtaining necessary permission from the government/concerned authority/ competent authority.