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Our Story

Founded in 2009 by a passionate group of researchers and development practitioners, the Global Development & Research Initiative Foundation (GDRI) stands as a beacon of change. Our mission is clear: to conduct high-quality research that not only transforms the landscape of Bangladesh but also contributes significantly to the development of other countries facing similar challenges.

Diverse Research Initiatives

At GDRI, our research initiatives span a wide spectrum of crucial topics. From empowering women economically to enhancing maternal and child health, addressing educational disparities, to understanding the profound impact of COVID-19 on rural households, our projects are meticulously designed to make a difference where it matters the most.

Collaborative Partnerships

In our pursuit of impactful research, GDRI collaborates with esteemed national and international organizations. Partnerships with institutions like Monash University, World Bank, Asian Development Bank, Laerdal Foundation, and Technical University of Munich enrich our work, fostering a global network of knowledge exchange and innovation.

Unwavering Commitment to Development

With a steadfast commitment to progress, GDRI strives to create a positive ripple effect, not only within Bangladesh but across borders. By delving into vital issues and collaborating with esteemed partners, we pave the way for sustainable change, empowering communities, and shaping a brighter future for all.

Our Expertise:

Development Research: We specialize in conducting in-depth surveys and field experiments. Our objective evaluations of various projects and programs provide valuable insights into societal issues, enabling us to craft impactful solutions.

Research Focus Areas

Why Partner with Us:

Types of Partnerships:

At the Global Development & Research Initiative Foundation (GDRI), we offer diverse partnership opportunities tailored to match your organization's goals and resources. Here are the types of partnerships available:

Partnering with GDRI in any of these capacities offers a unique opportunity to contribute to meaningful research, empower communities, and shape a more equitable future. Let's explore the partnership model that aligns best with your organization's vision and make a lasting difference together.

How to Partner:

Partnering with the Global Development & Research Initiative Foundation (GDRI) is a streamlined process designed to foster impactful collaborations. Here’s how to initiate a partnership with us:

Reach Out: Start by contacting us through email or phone, expressing your interest in partnering with GDRI. You can reach us at info@gdri.org or call us at +8801710697897 and +8802224405838. Our dedicated team will guide you through the partnership process.

Discuss Your Goals: Engage in a discussion with our team to articulate your organization’s objectives and areas of interest. This conversation allows us to understand your vision better and align our expertise with your goals.

Identify Partnership Type: Choose the type of partnership that best suits your organization’s mission and resources. Whether it's collaborative research, funding support, knowledge exchange, capacity building, policy advocacy, technology innovation, community engagement, or a long-term strategic alliance, we tailor our partnerships to meet your specific needs.

Formalize the Partnership: Once both parties agree on the partnership terms and objectives, we formalize the collaboration through a partnership agreement. This document outlines the roles, responsibilities, and mutual expectations, ensuring clarity and transparency throughout the partnership.

Collaborate and Engage: With the partnership formalized, engage actively in joint initiatives. Collaborate on research projects, participate in knowledge exchange programs, contribute to community engagement efforts, or support policy advocacy campaigns. Regular communication and collaboration are key to our shared success.

Evaluate and Adapt: Periodic evaluations assess the progress and impact of our collaborative efforts. Feedback from both partners informs adaptations and improvements, ensuring that the partnership remains dynamic, effective, and aligned with the evolving needs of the communities we serve.

Recognition and Visibility: Partnerships with GDRI offer recognition and visibility within our network. Your organization’s contributions will be acknowledged in our publications, reports, and events, showcasing your commitment to social progress.

Partnering with GDRI is not just an alliance; it’s a commitment to making a meaningful difference. Get in touch with us today to explore how together, we can drive positive change and create a brighter future for communities in need.

Contact Information: 

Block-H, Plot-H/1, Floor-08, Flat-8/A, Bonosree Main Road, Dhaka-1219, Bangladesh

Cell: +8801710697897, +8802224405838

Email:   info@gdri.org

Join Us in Making a Difference:

GDRI is not just an organization; it's a movement. Join us in our endeavor to transform challenges into opportunities, shaping a better, more equitable future for Bangladesh. Explore our research initiatives, learn about our partnerships, and discover how together, we can drive social progress and foster positive change. Together, let's create a brighter tomorrow.