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Project Details


Topic: Agriculture
Researchers: Dr. Md. Harunor Rashid
Partners: Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute, Bangladesh
Study Area: Khulna Division, Bangladesh
Duration: 2024-01-01 to 2026-12-31


Fitting New HYV Crop Varieties in Existing Farming Systems for Productivity Improvement


The crop component plays a major role in income generation for farmers in Bangladesh, but the role of other components cannot be ignored. Homestead vegetable and fruit production substantially contribute to earnings, supply nutrients, and support the daily livelihood of farmers. Moreover, off-farm activities can increase the income of a farm family. Improvement in these aspects through farming system research and development is essential. In a farming system, common resources are shared by its components, and the by-product of one component can be used by others, increasing the farm family's profit. Therefore, research on integrated farming systems and dissemination of component technologies to increase system production and improve farmers' livelihoods is necessary in the coastal ecosystem.


  1. Increase production of crops
  2. Increase family income
  3. Increase women empowerment
  4. Improve the nutritional status of farm family members
  5. Improve the livelihood of the farming community

Specific Role of GDRI:

  • Baseline survey and farmer selection
  • Training
  • Field monitoring
  • Logistics management
  • Endline survey

Dr. Kabir Uddin Ahmed

Dr. Md. Harunor Rashid

Contact Person: 

Email: asik.gdri@gmail.com

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