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Project Details


Topic: Health
Researchers: Russell Smyth, Assc prof Liang Choon Wang, PhD, Prof. Asad Islam, PhD
Partners: Monash University, Australia
Study Area: Bangladesh
Duration: 2014-04-20 to 2015-02-28


The effects of a randomized controlled health information campaign on sex workers’ health, labour, and other outcomes in Bangladesh

Method: Quantitative

The overview of the project:
Sex workers have much higher HIV infection rates than the general population in Bangladesh because they have misconceptions about how HIV/AIDS is spread, poor knowledge about prevention of sexually transmitted infections, and do not consistently use condoms. The project aims to evaluate whether a randomized controlled trial (RCT) of an innovative health information campaign in Bangladesh.

1) improve sex workers’ knowledge about safe sex practices and STIs, as well as their safe sex practices;

2) influence the health and labour market outcomes of sex workers;

3) affect other outcomes of sex workers, such as risk attitudes and other psychometrically valid measures of wellbeing.

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