The governance of the Global Development and Research Initiative Foundation (GDRI) has two formal tiers, a Governing Body and an Advisory committee. The latter may include a maximum of 16 distinguished scholars and practitioners. The Chairperson and the members of the GDRI Governing Body are nominated on a rotation basis by the executive members.
Advisory committee: The executive committee can appoint an advisory committee consisting of 15 members, and it will be selected amongst the socially established or VIP persons in Bangladesh or abroad.
The advisory committee member has no voting right in the EC and EC meetings. EC can remove any member of the advisory committee at any time without any cause.
Governing Body: The Governing Body runs GDRI, with administrative responsibilities performed by an Executive Director under the guidance of the Chairperson. Given its unique nature, GDRI aims at combining the flexibility of a network and the disciplines of an organization – and for obvious reasons, the process part and consultative consensus building dominate the nature of governance.